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What We Offer

Green, social and sustainable finance, ESG & SDGs, Power Infrastructure Financing, Strategic Advisory, Corporate Finance, Transaction Services, Investment Management, Commercial and PPA Advisory, Power Brokerage


Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

In today's highly competitive marketplace, your power project needs to stand out from the competition for it to attract the right type of partner and/or funding. 


Transactions need to be carefully assembled by experienced professionals who grasp the details quickly, who understand and can measure the risks (and rewards) and who, objectively and independently, can create the right narrative for your business.


Green, Social and Sustainable Finance

greenCrowd advises on and arranges all forms of financing. Equity capital, construction loans, project loans and project bonds. 


Strategic Advisory

greenCrowd provides strategic advisory services. Asset disposals, incorporating sustainability in operations (ESG/SDG), acquisitions, balance sheet restructuring, capital raising strategies


Transaction Services

greenCrowd provides specialised financial services. Transaction modelling, ESG/SDG strategies, commercial negotiations, stock exchange listings and reporting. 


Commercial and PPA Advisory

greenCrowd advises on all commercial aspects of a project. Power Purchase/Supply Agreement (PPA/PSA) bankability, structuring and negotiation. 


Power Infrastructure Financing

greenCrowd advises and arranges financing for power generation, transmission and distribution assets.  Development/CAPEX financing, bridge funding and acquisition debt and equity. 


Corporate Finance

greenCrowd advises on sales, acquisitions and financing of companies, assets and project portfolios. Asset and company valuations, research, commercial negotiations and brokerage.


Investment  Management 

greenCrowd provides investment management services to asset owners and fund managers. Portfolio strategy, fund and investment strategy and investor management. 


greenCrowd intermediates between end users and producers of power in Southern Africa. Tariff, PPA and PSA negotiations, transaction and cashflow structuring.

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