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We work with and for project developers, asset managers, borrowers, utilities, mining companies, private and public finance institutions, trade associations, multi-lateral agencies and institutional investors active globally in the energy sector.

To become a greenCrowd client, the organisation has to: have a track record of delivering, investing in, managing or maintaining commercially sound power/energy projects; be committed to sustainable energy development in their local markets; have a long-term strategic mindset; and work openly and transparently to deliver value for all stakeholders and the communities in which they operate.


Our vision and strategic ambitions are long-term; we therefore select client and funding partnerships that are grounded on delivering projects that tackle environmental challenges and on mutually profitable long-term goals and objectives. 

Our partnership model requires our Members, Associates and our clients to be transparent, flexible and open to new ideas and structures, and to employ best industry practice to develop, maintain and manage projects robustly over the long-term.

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