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Transport decarbonisation

Clean transport is one of the toughest challenges to Net Zero. Transportation accounts for 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the fastest-growing source of emissions, second only to the power sector.

Led by the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Innovating for Transport and Energy Systems (ITES) is a visionary UK-India initiative to turbocharge transport decarbonisation.

ITES has been launched as part of a landmark MoU between both UK and Indian governments, agreed in spring 2023 to deepen collaboration in science and technology and to drive sustainable growth.

ITES will harness a rich UK-India history of research and innovation to deliver cleaner roads, seas, and cities for people and the planet.

With unique backing, collaboration and real-world projects, the initiative will support the UK-India industry, SMEs, service providers and innovators to lead the clean transport transition, turning homegrown innovations into world-first solutions.

greenCrowd is proud to be advising and supporting ESC on this great initiative.

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