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Renewable Opportunities in Nepal

Following a very informative Nepal Investment Event held at Mansion House, London, on 31st October 2023, we have just launched a showcase document highlighting Nepal's renewable energy opportunities.

We see some fascinating opportunities in Nepal for renewable energy, transmission and distribution infrastructure projects, and we are very pleased to support this sector and Nepal in any way we can.

Go to Insights at to download.


Nepal’s clean energy generation targets are tangible and ambitious.

Nepal exported around 452 MW of hydropower to India on the Day-Ahead basis through the Indian Energy Exchange (NEA, 2023). The Himalayan nation aims to export 10,000 MW of power to India – its southern neighbour - within the next ten years. But things were quite different only seven years ago.

By 2030, the country aims to expand clean energy generation from approximately 1,400 MW to 15,000 MW, of which 5-10 % will be generated from mini and micro-hydro power, solar, wind and bio-energy.

This ambitious target depends on the international community's provision of funding (and yes, that means all the banks, asset managers, and insurance funds that form part of the OECD’s financial ecosystem).

We hope you enjoy this publication. If you would like to discuss how you can get involved in Nepal’s energy and climate finance transition, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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