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🚗🔋 Introducing v1.0 of the Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Battery Value Chain Map

Through a number of our engagements over the last year with governments and the private sector, we have veered into the complex nature of the EV and related battery value chain.

Countries are looking to solidify their position or understand where in the value chain to participate. Countries such as Zambia and the DRC, where vital raw materials are being shipped to China to be turned into products only to be re-imported, have ambitions to increase the value at the source.

Beneficiation is a great goal, yet the ecosystem is complex - from raw material extraction to end-of-life management. Creating battery-grade materials is itself a complicated process.

Whether you're a public official, a professional in the industry, or a potential investor, this map is designed to provide insights into the complex interplay of various sectors, including but not limited to:

⚒ Raw Material Sourcing & Processing

🔋 Cell Manufacturing & Battery Assembly

🚌 EV Manufacturing

🔌 Charging Infrastructure Development

💰 Services incl. Leasing and Finance

♻ Re-purposing & Recycling

Our goal is to highlight the interconnectedness of each segment and showcase opportunities for innovation and investment within this rapidly evolving landscape. Identifying where there are competitive advantages and opportunities will be critical to maximising the value in each country.

We have attempted to capture the key services, activities and users but may have missed something, and we’d welcome your thoughts and comments. Get in touch at🌍💡

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