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4,000kms travelled for Energy One Stop Shop (EOSS)

We are back from South Africa, wrapping up our contribution to Phase 2 of the Energy One Stop Shop's (EOSS) development.

Over the last few months, we have had the pleasure of engaging with over 20 organisations plugged into the country's power sector:

  • Solar, wind and BESS developers

  • Banks, private equity, DFIs, multi-laterals

  • 7 Local and District Municipalities across 4 Provinces

  • Central Government departments

  • Three different associations

  • Town Planning and Environmental specialists

... covering over 4,000 kilometres travelled!

And with load-shedding in South Africa at an all-time low, one could be forgiven for thinking that the crisis in the power sector is over. There is, however, no room for complacency and as part of our mission to accelerate capital into clean energy and mobility projects, we have had the pleasure of working with key stakeholders across the public and private sectors over the last few months to eliminate load-shedding and fast-track renewable energy projects to financial close.

There are billions of dollars pointing at renewable energy project development and exciting innovation across the whole sector. We look forward to engaging with organisations across the industry to accelerate South Africa’s path to #NetZero.

A special thanks to all at the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (#DTIC), especially Lester Bouah, Mario Williams, Mahlatsi Ndhlovu, Energy Council, South African Local Government Association (#SALGA), the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (#IDC), Investec, SunElex, Subsolar, Enel Green, the UK's #FCDO and #UKPACT for making this project happen, and of course Jessica.

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