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green: /ɡriːn/. Adjective: (of a product or service) not harmful to the environment.

crowd: /kraʊd/. Noun: a group of people who are linked by a common interest or activity.

greenCrowd: /ɡriːn kraʊd/. Noun: a partnership of professionals who work collaboratively and openly to make projects that benefit our global environment happen.

Sustainability, renewable projects, technologies and power infrastructure

Bringing project developers, entrepreneurs, service providers and funders together 


Commercial and technical advisory, debt and equity advisory & capital raising, power brokerage, strategic consultancy, PPA structuring, bond structuring and Green Bond accreditation, financial modelling, mergers and acquisitions, fund management, ESG and transaction reporting.


Sustainable development, power infrastructure (generation, transmission, and distribution), renewable projects and technologies (wind, solar PV, geothermal, biomass, hydrogen, battery storage, hydroelectricity, transportation, energy efficiency and conservation), nature-based solutions, blue economy, biodiversity, ESG/SDG integration, power brokerage, and NetZeroMining.



Project developers, asset managers, borrowers, utilities, private and public finance institutions, trade associations, multi-lateral agencies and institutional investors active globally in sustainable development and energy infrastructure.



We provide innovative financial and commercial advisory services to commercial businesses and public sector organisations.

We make ideas and projects in the renewable energy and power infrastructure sectors happen.

We shape the strategy and financing to fit the organisation and project and through our strategic partnerships and the quality of our advisory services we help our clients to join the dots. 

We are committed, independent and objective. 

We continue to deliver for our clients. 

greenCrowd is a FCA Appointed Representative firm, with offices in the heart of London.

Our team of experts is devoted to create innovative financing solutions for its clients and to deliver compelling stable returns for its funding partners while also making a positive contribution to moving global communities to a zero carbon future. To find out more about opportunities to work with greenCrowd and our market-leading services, please contact the greenCrowd team:


Greencrowd Partnership LLP,

8 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden,

London WC2E 7PP, England



T: + 44 (0) 203 709 9880


Renewable Energy  Project

 To submit your renewable energy project for the greenCrowd's team evaluation please go to:


To register your interest in green power PPAs in Southern Africa please go to:


To find out about our financing solutions please contact us below:


To find out about our consultancy services, please contact us below:

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