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Commercial Organisations & Project Developers

You have the ideas, the projects and track record of delivering on your promises. You have a desire to see sustainable energy projects get off the ground quickly and without fuss and to make your ideas and projects work for you and for the communities in which you are active. 

You may have encountered challenges in raising funding ...


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Service Provider & Engineer Consultant & Academic


You have the project experience and/or a technical or legal or financial or academic skill-set. You understand the challenges that entrepreneurs and small businesses face in obtaining the right form of funding (or any funding) to develop small/medium scale sustainable energy projects in established as well as frontier markets...

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Bank Investor & Financial Institution & Fund


greenCrowd’s mission is to make sustainable energy projects as bankable as possible, even if they are cutting edge technologically. Our job is to collate all the type of information that you will need to make a decision, simplify the project’s structure as required, present the risks and their mitigants clearly and comprehensively and, oftentimes, standardise the offer. Our goal is to make...

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Development Agency & NGO & Government


If you represent a development agency, NGO, civil society organisation, community based organisation or branch of Government and you would like to discuss an idea or project or receive advice in respect of a particular sustainable energy project, policy, technology product or financing mechanism, we want to hear from you.  

We are open to challenges. If we can help, we will.