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The solar PV industry is receiving enormous new investment globally.


It is now an established, cost competitive and reliable source of renewable energy and is widely bankable. People have high awareness of the technology and what it can deliver in terms of cost savings and sustainability. 

More can be done to make the solar PV technology and the power produced from it more accessible and affordable to communities who only have sources of electricity that are unreliable and costly.


We believe that well-prepared financing can play a key part in unlocking solar PV’s potential to address energy access needs and deliver cost effective power to homes, communities and businesses. 

We will consider ground-mounted solar PV (grid or off-grid), portfolios of rooftop solar PV and floating solar PV, from 200 kW and up to 50 MW. 


Projects that enhance the communities and environment in which they are located are of particular interest to us, as well as new innovations in solar PV technology.