greenCrowd arranges finance to support sustainable energy and waste water management projects. We provide funding solutions and are a conduit for investors.


  • Do you have a track record of delivering, financing, managing or maintaining robust and profitable sustainable energy and waste management projects?

  • Are you committed to sustainable energy development in your local market?

  • Do you have a long-term strategic mindset?

  • Do you work openly and transparently to deliver value for all your stakeholders, partners and the communities in which you operate?

Why are the answers to these 4 questions so important to greenCrowd?

Openness and transparency are essential to ensuring that people’s priorities and their projects are understood fully and that funding partnerships strengthen not flounder over time.

We recognise that innovative or technology-based projects can underperform due to factors outside one’s control. The more upfront you are about your business, your projects and the challenges that you may or may not face the better we can help you find solutions and build robust and flexible financing structures