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Mobilising private sector capital to sustainable projects in Zambia

WWF Zambia, Zanaco Plc, Kukula Capital and greenCrowd are working together as joint sponsors of ZGOF.

ZGOF’s mission is to address the energy deficit (high load shedding, lack of energy access and diversification) in Zambia and accelerate the deployment of Zambian renewable energy, captive power and electric mobility projects.

ZGOF will invest in equity and mezzanine loans and target small-to-medium-sized renewable projects and downstream companies/enterprises..

The capital will be deployed to create strong positive environmental, gender, social, and economic impact., with a focus on direct and indirect green jobs and reduction of carbon emissions.

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Green, social, sustainable financing and projects, investment in renewables and power infrastructure in Europe, Southern Africa and LATAC region, transport decarbonisation in India, M&A, project equity and debt funding, strategic advisory

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