Our expertise in renewable energy projects spans all stages of a project, from development through to operation. We work with our corporate, public and third sector partners to create bankable projects and support in the capital raising process. In taking a holistic approach, we cover commercial, legal and technical aspects, ensuring that projects are de-risked and ready for investment.


Our focus

Investment in renewables and sustainable technologies is growing globally. Whilst many of our team are experienced in utility and large scale projects, our focus at greenCrowd is in supporting the small to medium scale project segment to scale. We believe that well-prepared financing can play a key part in unlocking sustainable energy projects potential to deliver cost effective power to homes, communities and businesses, maximising the value with the end user and offtaker.



We cut across all sustainable energy technologies.


  • Solar. We will consider ground-mounted solar PV (grid or off-grid), portfolios of rooftop solar PV and floating solar PV, from 200 kW and up to 30 MW. 

  • Hydro. We work with hydropower projects that are categorised as either mini (100-1,000 kW) or small (1-30 MW) and that have been carefully designed to ensure the system has a minimal impact on the local ecology and provide a sustainable source of power to local communities. 

  • Wind, onshore & offshore. Our focus is on portfolios of small to intermediate wind turbines (50-900 kW). We like wind projects that are combined with solar PV and energy storage to provide a reliable, year round source of sustainable power to communities. For offshore, our focus is to support emerging markets to develop projects, notably small island states.

  • Anaerobic Digestion. We work with small-to-medium scale anaerobic digestion / biogas developers that provide flexible, lower-risk, robust solutions for organic waste treatment, not just for use on farms but for factories and in communities.

  • Storage. We are technology agnostic, assessing the requirements for the system such as firming, flexible peaking, reserve capacity, voltage support or demand shifting.

  • Energy Efficiency. Our focus is on scalable programmes and initiatives, building on our experience of creating marketable projects for the carbon markets and taking a long term financing view.

  • Waste Water Treatment. We seek projects that address the needs of rural or remote communities, as well as customized, pre-assembled and ready-to-install small-scale waste water projects that are designed to meet the needs of the community, that are cost effective and are combined with sustainable energy technologies such as solar PV