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We believe that current energy storage trends have the potential to radically change the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed.

Cost-effective energy storage can flatten out the peaks and troughs of renewable energy sources, thereby allowing utilities and governments to incorporate greater amounts of renewable power into their mix.

Energy storage also threatens the current ‘grid’ based systems that are common in developed markets. Storage, small-scale distributed generation (such as fuel cells, domestic solar PV + battery combinations) may soon be reliable and affordable enough to build into new homes, thereby taking entire developments ‘off the grid’. As generation becomes more distributed, investments into legacy power assets become riskier, placing long-term investment plans in question.

We believe that it is the emerging economies of the world that may benefit most from cost-effective energy storage. In these countries, the greater availability of renewable energy, combined with the lack of legacy transmission infrastructure, will create a compelling business case for the large-scale use of renewable energy with storage to create micro-grids serving individual communities.


Energy storage could allow governments around the world to finally achieve the dream of delivering cost-effective and renewable power to every citizen in every part of the world. And that is certainly something greenCrowd is really excited about.

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